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Essential Face Kit

Essential Face Kit

This comprehensive collection comprises our daily face wash, moisturizer and scrub each blended with potent botanicals for a clean, healthy complexion. It’s like daily vitamins for your skin. 

  • Made with Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Formulas contain zero toxins, parabens, sulfates, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrance
  • Never tested on animals 


Daily Face Wash

Consider this gentle foaming gel cleanser an essential part of your day and night routines. At the heart of the natural formula is a wealth of organic aloe leaf juice, which provides hydration while simultaneously detoxifying skin, purifying pores and removing all traces of dirt, oil and dead cells. Organic lavender oil provides a mellow, calming scent to this face wash crafted with organic seaweed extract, which works as a superfood to further clean, soften and tone. Sage leaf and green tea extracts contain powerful antioxidants that provide free-radical protection from the harmful environmental factors that lead to aging. Additionally, organic rose hip seed oil helps rejuvenate and lighten any discoloration in the complexion.


Lightweight, unscented, fast-absorbing, shine-free and anti-aging—this facial moisturizer covers all the bases. The formula boasts nature’s hardest-working and most powerful extracts and oils, including organic aloe leaf juice, which stimulates collagen production while conditioning, and organic sunflower seed oil, which retains moisture and helps postpone aging. A proprietary blend of antioxidants and potent vitamin E leads to improved protection and a reduction of fine lines, even around the delicate and sensitive eye area. This all-in-one formula effectively targets dehydrated, stressed and aging skin, saturating it with the necessary hydration and vitamins for skin that appears matte, healthy and youthful.


Dirt, oil and grime are powerless against this facial scrub, which takes care of multiple tasks in one simple step. Natural particles of amber and walnut shells gently exfoliate, sloughing off dead cells and clearing pores without irritating or stripping the skin. Meanwhile honey, known for its intensive healing and hydrating qualities, locks in moisture. Packed with vitamin-rich fruit extracts and antioxidants, this scrub promises a soothing, deep clean for all skin types, even the most sensitive. A fresh herbal aroma lingers after rinsing off the smooth balmy formula, revealing a polished, brighter complexion. For a closer, less irritating shave, scrub before applying shave cream.