3 Vital Steps To Help Build Your Confidence

As our lives seem to endlessly fly by day-after-day (at least for us, they do), it’s imperative to take inventory of what we allow into our mind, body, and soul. One of the best ways we can do this is by being intentional with the time we spend with ourselves. A more confident you starts with you. Confidence is a direct by-product of how we respond and process to our day-to-day. From a place of confidence we can; listen more meaningfully, act more thoughtfully, and work more diligently. Being confident isn't about being “macho” or “loud”, it's about being strong and secure. Secure in who you are, what you're doing, and where you're going. Here are three things we recommend to help build up more confidence. 

  1. Daily Affirmations - These are things you say to yourself. Affirmations build confidence. You're only as confident as the person you are with yourself. So, start each morning by telling yourself positive truths about who you are, build that energy up, build your mind up and build that confidence right up as well. Only focus on the good there's enough bad stuff out there already.
  2. A Good Skin Care Regimen - It doesn't have to be gnarly or time-consuming. The idea here is to create time to take care of yourself. A great place to start is our Daily Essentials Kit. This will take care of your basic skin care needs. Your face deserves respect. Allowing your skin to be moisturized and strong will create a confidence boost no one can deny!
  3. A Healthy Diet - Food is literal energy, without proper nutrients it's hard to operate to our fullest potential. One way to boost your confidence is by taking care of your body; eat well-rounded meals. Plan your meals out, don't be forced to eat fast food every day. Food is strength, and building strength builds confidence. At Knight Co, we believe, attention to detail is the key to confidence.