All About Ingredients

It never ceases to impress that skin is our body’s largest organ. And it’s only logical that we should put the very best elements on it. There’s little point in taking care to eat organic or nutritious foods if we pollute our body from the outside. That’s why at Knight Co. we make products that are like vitamins for your skin.

Our ingredients are all nourishing whether ingested or applied externally. Take our Renewing Toner, which has an appealing grapefruit and rosemary scent and is also formulated with apple and seaweed extracts and aloe leaf juice. It wouldn't be far off to imagine making a superfood smoothie with our ingredient list, which also includes coconut, apricot, grape seed, cucumber, ginseng and green tea. 

Each of our carefully chosen natural materials plays a critical role in the product, since we don’t add anything extra or superfluous. Aloe vera, which is at the heart of all our formulas, is a centuries-old medicinal salve that is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant- and vitamin-rich. Like willow bark and avocado, it also improves elasticity and firms the skin—always a welcome trait.

Along with smelling fresh, many of our favorite herbal elements, such as rosemary, sage and lavender, are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, which means they help treat issues like acne and eczema. Other powerful ingredients—olive, carrot seed and rose hip, to name a few—are beneficial in the fight against sun-related aging. They protect against and can actually help reduce UV damage along with other harmful environmental elements. Like with our diets, we like to let nature be our guide.