Essential Sneakers That Go With Every Outfit

When you step into the world each morning, oftentimes your shoes will be the first thing people will notice. Shoes are the most important investment when it comes to your wardrobe. We are firm believers in dressing from the ground up. When picking the right sneakers the number one factor is versatility. You want to buy shoes that you can dress up or down and be able to mix with different styles. You also want shoes that fit your personal style and not something that you won’t ever consider wearing. Most of us have definitely bought some shoes that we’ve only worn once and is still sitting in our closet. Importantly make sure to get shoes that fit and are comfortable. We don’t want to have a shoe that looks good and is incredibly painful to wear.

Below are three essential sneakers that we recommend every man have.

  1. Vans Old Skool Black/White

For someone who isn’t trying to break the bank, we recommend having a pair of black and white Vans Old Skool. These retail for about $60.00 and should be a staple in your wardrobe. These shoes almost go with any outfit and is a classic style.

  1. Nike Air Force One White

These shoes automatically make you taller and also is very comfortable to wear. Since this is an all-white shoe, it will be easy to dress this up or down. You can wear this shoe with jeans, sweatpants and even slacks. Retailing at around $90.00 it is an easy buy. The hardest part is keeping them clean. These shoes will forever be popular and are timeless.

  1. Common Projects Achilles Low

For people who want to shell out a little bit of cash, we recommend the white Common Projects Achilles Low. For a more sophisticated look, we recommend buying these shoes. Made in Italy this leather shoe retails for about $410.00. Although they are definitely on the pricier side, the best thing about this shoe is that you can wear it often and they look better with age.