The Simple Daily Regimen

Adulthood is defined in many ways. It could be the moment in the mirror you first spot fine lines or notice sun damage. Or maturity may be realizing there’s more to skin care than the all-purpose bar of soap in your shower. Figuring out what that means, however, has not always been clear cut. The world of beauty and grooming is vast and confusing, and it calls for careful navigation. Allow Knight Co. to be your guide.

We’re committed to the essentials. For us, simplicity always rules. After all, a regimen will never work if committing to it is too difficult. So Knight Co. subscribes to three basic steps: cleanse, tone, hydrate. It’s a time-tested routine. The trio of formulas we make specifically for this process are sold separately as well as in a set, to make adopting it even smoother.

Every day should begin and end with a clean slate. Wash off oils from overnight and get rid of life’s grime and pollution with the Daily Face Wash, our antioxidant-packed cleanser with the mellow scent of organic lavender. Next comes the Renewing Toner, an especially key ritual after shaving. Our formula, which contains seaweed and bamboo extracts, serves several important purposes, not the least of which is reducing redness, shine and irritation. The calming astringent also hydrates gently, setting the skin up for the final step: hydration.

Forget what you think you know about face cream—our Complete Moisturizer is far from standard issue. Its powerful components address aging, dehydration and stress, yet it’s virtually weightless on the skin. With no scent or shine left behind, the only evidence of your efforts is a bright, youthful complexion, which is exactly the point.