Building a Lasting Impression

In our everyday lives, we get so busy with all the things going on that sometimes we forget to take care of our ourselves and our appearance. We often hear the saying “if you look good you feel good”, but most men do the bare minimum when it comes to grooming. We strongly believe that caring about your personal appearance is an expression of self-respect. When you take extra care of yourself and are well groomed you demonstrate discipline and confidence, which are two qualities for success. Making a good impression on people will help you in your career. Many men, however, get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to styling and grooming themselves. We are going to give you the three simple steps to building self-respect.

The first step is being self-aware and pampering yourself. This means you have to make sure your hair is not dirty and is combed/styled on a daily basis. Also, this includes having nice nails since people often notice unkempt dirty hands. Long fingernails on men is a huge deterrent and create a bad impression. Along with grooming you have to find a nice scent. Find a fragrance that you can wear every day that is not overpowering. You don’t want to walk into a room where everyone can smell you. You want to be subtle but make a statement. You do want to find a scent that leaves a signature lasting impression.

The next step is developing a routine for skincare. Make sure to wash your face every day and use a daily moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated. Your smile also says a lot about yourself. Having a beautiful smile and having white teeth is the ultimate key to building confidence. Check your teeth in the mirror after you eat and make sure to maintain fresh breath throughout the day.

The last step is your wardrobe. Create your own personal style, however, don’t overdo it. When it comes to clothing, you have to find what fits you and is natural. Depending on your career and lifestyle your wardrobe is very important in determining how people view you. Your clothes are a way of expressing yourself and ultimately shows your creativity/personality. Always make sure to buy clothing that fits properly and refined to your taste.

Being well groomed is an expression of self respect Modern Knight