Hydrate Your Skin

In the past skincare has been overlooked by most. Washing your face in the shower with warm water isn’t going to cut it anymore. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

We eat well, we exercise, we dress well now you need to take care of your face as well. It's inevitable that we are going to get older and no skincare is going to slow down the aging process but it definitely will maintain your youthfulness. When it comes to face moisturizing, most men do not do it at all. For skin care, men usually only wash their face and do not hydrate.

What exactly is a “moisturizer” and what does it do? A moisturizer might sound like something that adds wetness to the skin, however, it actually is meant to retain moisture. A moisturizer prevents the skin from becoming dry or oily and keeps water from evaporating water from your face.

The next question, is how do you know what moisturizer is for you? In the moisturizer world, there is a cream, ointment, and lotion. If your skin is more on the dry side, you want a thick ointment moisturizer. For people with normal skin, the best option is a cream, since they are thinner. Lotions are the thinnest out of all the moisturizers and meant for people who have oily skin.

If you are still confused by all of this we have a solution for you. You should try our KNIGHT CO. Complete Face Moisturizer which is lightweight, unscented, fast-absorbing, and shine-free. It has youth-enhancing blends of botanicals that hydrates skin and enhances the appearance of skin’s firmness and elasticity. Most importantly works great for all skin types, especially normal-to-oily.

We can’t express how important it is to moisturize daily. Moisturizing at a young age helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles in the future. Also aside from looking younger, moisturizing protects the skin from environmental toxins and keeps your face firm and energized. Just like remembering to drink water every day you have to hydrate your face regularly!