The Story with Scrubbing

For many of us, cleansing our face is a complete no-brainer, like brushing our teeth. It may even be that using a daily moisturizer is done on auto pilot, too. But exfoliating is a different story, even though it’s as imperative a step. While the others are once or twice-a-day tasks, scrubbing should only be performed a couple times a week—perhaps that’s why it is often overlooked.

No matter our color or gender, we all have skin that is constantly regenerating. Washing is necessary and helps eliminate some of the dead skin cells, but it’s important to reach a deeper level. Enter exfoliation. It can be done in a physical manner or through a chemical reaction. The classic way harnesses a gritty material like salt, sugar, coffee grounds or, in the case of our Essential Face Scrub, natural amber and walnut shells. This sloughs off old cells, clears the pores, stimulates blood flow and cell turnover, and enhances collagen production. The second harnesses enzymes, retinols or acids from fruits or glycolic and lactic acids that dissolve or break down dead skin. These are often used in peels or masks and can be intense.

Our scrub is a multitasker, since it’s also ideal for prepping the skin before shaving to ensure a much smoother, closer shave. The olive leaf and cucumber extracts and aloe juice in it douse the skin with anti-inflammatory antioxidants. We also formulate it with honey, which is incredibly healing and hydrating to ensure you don’t lose any moisture. And avocado helps maintain skin tone and increases skin’s softness. So even while the Essential Face Scrub is not part of the daily regimen, it fits seamlessly in as needed—after cleansing, before toner and moisturizer. Because in all things it’s important to be polished.