Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated

At times, men can overthink their skincare. You don’t need a bunch of different products that clutter your bathroom, but instead, a simple routine. To help make sense of it all, we broke it down for you. 

Every morning after you do your 100 pushups you need to wash your face. You’ll most likely do this in the shower while you meditate and think about the day… but it has to get done. One pump of our Daily Face Wash will do the trick. 

Now you should be out of the shower at this point and drying yourself off. Take a look in the mirror and say your affirmations. Next, you’ll want to pick up the Renewing Face Tonic and spray it over your face (2-4 sprays) while your eyes are closed. Enjoy the fresh scent of rosemary and grapefruit. 

Your almost done, and the last step in our Daily Essentials Kit is the Complete Face Moisturizer. Yes, after this step you’ll feel complete. So dip your finger in the jar and scoop out a dime-sized amount. Now rub it over your face and feel how quickly it absorbs.

You are now clean, toned, and hydrated. You should feel confident and you better get after it.